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The private messenger for Strava

Instantly send and receive private messages with your Strava friends. Simply to start. It's free!

How to instant message your Strava friends

  1. Start by to connect your Strava account with - No separate sign up is required.
  2. Now you are connected you can send and receive messages from Strava friends.
  3. Simply select a friend and start typing to them.

The benefits

No more comment hijacking
No longer will your activity's comments box become a general message board.

Exchange messages between Strava friends without the world seeing

Your conversations are kept in one place. No need to seek out past activities to find conversations.

Enhanced discussion
Discuss Strava segments and activities with ease. View previews of activities and segments while you chat.

Organise your next group ride with group chat functions.

Frequently asked questions

  1. How will I know if I've got a new message?
    If you are no longer logged in to Velomsg we will notify you in your Strava account and send an email informing you of a new message.
  2. How can I let my friends on Strava know about
    There are two ways:
    • You can use the traditional method of posting a comment on an activity, perhaps saying "Come to".
    • Join the Strava club "I'm on". This tells all of your followers that you are on to chat to. It also gives you a big orange envelope in your clubs list.
  3. Who can send me messages?
    Only mutual followers can send messages to you. You can not post private messages to people that are not following you back.
  4. Is there an App?
    Yes you can we have an app for Android and our iOS is in beta relase.