Firstly thank you for your interest in We are extremely pleased that you are helping us to tell more athletes about our service.

We believe that instant messaging has been a long awaited feature for Strava users. In fact Velomsg was born out of our own frustration. Many Strava users must feel the same and with your help we would like to tell them about us.

We have prepared a press release that gives most of the pertinent details. If you require any quotes or additional detail please contact us and we will swiftly get back to you.

Key points

  • The service is free for all Strava users
  • Messaging is between reciprocal followers. In other words both users must follow each other to exchange direct messages
  • Messaging terms: Direct messaging (DM), Private messaging (PM), Instant messaging (IM)
  • The service runs on all devices scaling for screen size for optimum user experience
  • Group messaging – many users to participate in the same discussion. Messages can be exchanged between users without following each other if they are in the same group.
  • Notifications of new messages: Strava notification, email, additional notifications are available depending on the device being used.
  • Unique features:
    • Instantly include latest ride information in a message
    • View previews of mentioned activities without leaving the app
    • View previews of mentioned segments without leaving the app
  • Current active user distribution (Nov – 2015)
    1. UK 41.5%
    2. USA 18.9%
    3. Australia 5.7%
    4. Netherlands 5.7%
    5. Other 28.2%