Latest Press Release is the long awaited extension to the Strava social fitness platform. The new instant messenger services puts an end to comment hijacking, adding privacy to discussions between Strava members.

“How are you Jon?” – “I’m good thanks, I’ve managed to put a few rides in this week.”

This is a conversation that let’s face it is well beyond the remit of an activity comment box. is here to put those conversations where they belong in an instant messenger application for Strava users. is the private messenger platform designed to assist cyclists and runners to chat outside of the activity comment box. Creator Ben Norbury explains “Many times I’ve joined up with cyclists on the road, we’ve chatted and got along well. After we part ways there didn’t seem to be a way to easily get in touch with them and exchange contact details or even to arrange and meet up for a ride. Details such as telephone numbers and arrangements of meeting places are private and as such require a private message system.”

The instant messenger system provides all the features you could want to assist in discussions. The ‘Latest activity’ feature handily brings in yours and the other members of a chat’s latest rides allowing quick mentions and lookups of activities and segments.

It’s not just one on one direct messaging, also has group chat facilities allowing users to enjoy group discussion.